These pages use the taxonomy term "macOS".

How I Test View Controllers

By example I want to show how I instantiate and test view controllers from a storyboard in a macOS app using the conventional MVC pattern and AppKit.

Restore Clean NSFileProviderReplicatedExtension Environment

While developing and porting macOS file provider extensions based on NSFileProviderReplicatedExtension I sometimes ended up in a messed up state of my environment. I found these steps to restore a clean environment again.

How to manage Login Items in Swift

There is a Mac App Store and Sandbox compatible method to implement automatic launch on login. Checking the enablement status before macOS 13 Ventura is a bit tricky, though.

Resetting a Privacy Choice on macOS

macOS shows a privacy choice prompt for certain aspects like the address book only when an app requests access the first time. This simple terminal command erases the saved choice.

macOS Preferences Window with Storyboards

Recently I started with a fresh project from scratch in which I wanted to implement a preferences window with tool bar tabs as they are common on macOS. It is surprisingly easy.

Exporting Unified Logging System Messages with OSLog

Logs are useless, if you cannot access them. The introduction of the OSLog framework finally makes it possible to extract logs from the unified logging system. This is how.

Manually Symbolicate Mac App Store Crash

If Xcode fails to automatically resolve frames in your crash reports of your Mac App Store app even though you have the original Xcode archive, this is how you can achieve it manually.

A macOS App with a File Provider Extension

To me it was not obvious on how to get started with the file provider API on macOS. I want to share how I successfully set up an Xcode project for development.

Seeing Through the Apple Signing Jungle

Signing apps can be an overwhelming topic when you don’t let Xcode handle it automatically. This is an attempt to summarize it in my own words like I would do to others in a casual setting who are not familiar with the topic yet.

How to Build Unsigned macOS Apps

Sometimes you have to build a project for customers with IDs under their control but without their signing assets. This is how.

Manually Signing Embedded Swift Runtime

Sometimes the Swift runtime ends up in a built product as well and needs to be (re)signed just like the rest.