Xcode Configuration Settings Syntax Support for Sublime Text

I published a package which provides syntax definitions for Xcode configuration settings files in Sublime Text.

As mentioned in my earlier post about publishing a resource strings syntax support package for Sublime Text I am using Sublime Text as my sidekick for Xcode. It is more convenient in handling certain tasks on a less abstract level.

With our highly configurable and parameterized projects much of the Xcode build settings are outsourced to Xcode configuration settings files. This Sublime Text package simply makes it more convenient to read those by providing basic syntax support.

You can find my package here on Package Control and here on GitHub.

About The Author

Peter Thomas Horn is a professional software developer at Open-Xchange specialized on the Apple platform. He previously worked a decade across the full stack of various web technologies. Originally started with Java on Windows at the age of 12 years. While staying humble in throwing around buzzwords like "VR" and "machine learning" he occasionally experiences problems and the fitting solutions considered worth sharing.