I mainly write about my professional endeavours with Swift, Objective-C, Xcode and the Apple technologies. Those take place in a corporate environment in which we design, develop and deliver apps for all major platforms (including Windows and Android) and multiple customers. Our apps are native and brandable clients for our cloud solutions targeted at hosters and telecommunication companies. My personal focus is set on native apps for macOS.

A macOS App with a File Provider Extension

To me it was not obvious on how to get started with the file provider API on macOS. I want to share how I successfully set up an Xcode project for development.

Seeing Through the Apple Signing Jungle

Signing apps can be an overwhelming topic when you don’t let Xcode handle it automatically. This is an attempt to summarize it in my own words like I would do to others in a casual setting who are not familiar with the topic yet.

Resource Strings Syntax Support for Sublime Text

I published a package which provides syntax definitions for resource string files in Sublime Text.

How to Build Unsigned macOS Apps

Sometimes you have to build a project for customers with IDs under their control but without their signing assets. This is how.

Manually Signing Embedded Swift Runtime

Sometimes the Swift runtime ends up in a built product as well and needs to be (re)signed just like the rest.