I mainly write about my professional endeavours with Swift, Objective-C, Xcode and the Apple technologies. Those take place in a corporate environment in which we design, develop and deliver apps for all major platforms (including Windows and Android) and multiple customers. Our apps are native and brandable clients for our cloud solutions targeted at hosters and telecommunication companies. My personal focus is set on native apps for macOS.

Working with Accessibility in Mind

Bring the macOS accessibility feature toggle into the menu bar and quickly inspect your projects with as little as two clicks.

Embedded App Naming Conflict Resolved with Bundle Display Name

The app I am working on has a customizable bundle name and embeds another app which should appear with the same name. This causes a conflict which can be overcome by using CFBundleDisplayName.

Packages Not Supported with Legacy Build Locations

When I was messing around with Xcode build settings I summoned the tenacious error of unsupported Swift packages in combination with legacy build locations.

Old-Style ASCII Property List Syntax Support for Sublime Text

I published a package which provides syntax definitions for old-style ASCII property lists in Sublime Text.

Xcode Configuration Settings Syntax Support for Sublime Text

I published a package which provides syntax definitions for Xcode configuration settings files in Sublime Text.

macOS Preferences Window with Storyboards

Recently I started with a fresh project from scratch in which I wanted to implement a preferences window with tool bar tabs as they are common on macOS. It is surprisingly easy.

Exporting Unified Logging System Messages with OSLog

Logs are useless, if you cannot access them. The introduction of the OSLog framework finally makes it possible to extract logs from the unified logging system. This is how.

How to Track Decoupled Branding Repositories in Builds Without Git Submodules

There are multiple options how to separate a whitelabel app project from brand customizations. One is decoupling the individual repositories completely. There is a solution to still keep track on which customization revision was used.

Manually Symbolicate Mac App Store Crash

If Xcode fails to automatically resolve frames in your crash reports of your Mac App Store app even though you have the original Xcode archive, this is how you can achieve it manually.

A macOS App with a File Provider Extension

To me it was not obvious on how to get started with the file provider API on macOS. I want to share how I successfully set up an Xcode project for development.