Peter Thomas Horn

I am a 31 year old and married father located in Ribnitz-Damgarten who currently develops apps for Apple devices.

Some stereotypes about software developers do not apply to me. I usually do not drink coffee, do not like mechanical keyboards and am an opponent to the home invasion by smart devices and the internet of things. Ironically I could not care less about computer games which I abandoned a few years ago after they originally sparked my career at the age of 12. I am ready for a round of chess, though. You can read more about my career as a software developer on my career page.

Hungarian and German are my mother tongues. My English was trusted for international business contracts. I learned French in school for four years and I engaged with Finnish for a little bit. I have a high affinity to languages.

I am an optimistic nihilist. The YouTube channel “Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell” produced an appealing short film which explains it nicely. Summarized in one sentence: I do not believe in anything and consider human existence totally senseless beyond the purpose every individual is completely free to choose. While my purpose revolves around family I see a lot of other joyful things in life, too.

Me Elsewhere

The overwhelming amount of media needs aggressive filtering and conscious consumption to not let it numb and distract our senses from what actually matters. After using Facebook, Mastodon, Xing and Twitter for several years I drew the conclusion that it is an mind-numbing waste of time. Once I left them I realized their full dispensability. And did I already mention how much I hate advertisement? Besides: those services regularly are in the news because of privacy violations. To me it is nothing else than the capitalist counterpart to China’s mass surveillance. Especially Google and Facebook corrupt the whole web and technology beyond that. For professional reasons I am still on LinkedIn, though I do not accept connection requests from people I do not know from real meetings.

You can find me on:

  • Bandcamp to support independent artists.
  • GitHub to contribute and publish code.
  • LinkedIn to retain professional connections.
  • Stackoverflow to ask and answer questions.
  • Untappd to drink and document all the beers.